10 Dating/Marriage Myths to Throw In the Garbage ASAP

by Uche Onegeria 18 May , 2016  

They are not “Educated”
Most people assume “Education” is only x + y = x. No! That is “Schooling”. Remember what they say about there being no real life’s problem that you can solve with a calculator. Education is Wisdom. Wisdom does not always come from schools. Think back and remember that our illiterate great/grandmothers/fathers were wiser than most women/men today.
I have come to know that having a wonderful diction, grammatical style, eloquence, advanced degree/s do not necessarily mean someone will have an amazing personality. If you look beyond the presence or lack of these and they are still as amazing, why will you let a perfectly wonderful person go?
In the image above, Olajumoke Orisaguna (L) and Folorunsho Alakija (R) have achievements spanning from one end of the success spectrum to the other end. They have no formal educational background but are happily married.
Folorunsho is currently the richest woman in Africa.

She is a single mother or he has a baby mama
The only thing this tells me is that they did not join the thousands out there to undergo abortions. Do you think the next person you would meet who has no child has never taken in or got someone else pregnant before..then had an abortion? But I guess what you do not know does not kill you, right?
Anna Ebiere with the daughter she had with Flavour
Source: @annaebiere on Instagram

They are divorced
Stella Damasus
Maybe she is not an ideal example to be used in the instance 

especially as people find celebrities appealing no matter what.
I wish our everyday men and women would escape the mental prison 

that prohibits them from true love based on issues like this.
So because they have been divorced before, they are now spoiled goods? Hmm… Just remember that people make mistakes and every divorcée was once a single person who gave another person a chance.

Are they older or younger than you? You know they say “age is just a number”. Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge is 34 years while her husband, Prince William is 33 years. There are so many other Hollywood celebrities with huge gaps in their ages but it is funny how some of our men shy away from any woman who is even 1 second older that they are.
Meanwhile, I have never seen any marriage that ended because of “age”.
Image Source: US Magazine


She is not a very good cook
I have seen “great” doctors. I have also seen “good” doctors but they all practise their professions to the best of their capacities. Some are specialists while some are General Practitioners. All fingers are not equal. Not every woman will be a great cook. And a great culinary skill has never translated to good manners or wife material.

They do not speak (English language) well
We sabi carry “English” for our heads in this our dear country, Nigeria. Meanwhile, there are countries that even their Presidents address the whole world in their national Language which could be French or Mandarin. What is wrong with a would-be great partner who does not speak English language well? And talking about speaking, I have seen the nonsense that some of the so-called English speaking (with fake phonetics desperately trying to sound “American”) write on social media.
I will show you someone that speaks English Language “well”; Patrick Obahiagbon.
Source: web
Video: Watch Patrick speak here (How your future partner will speak..)

They have local (Igbo, Yoruba or Hausa) accent
So you love someone who speaks like the Americans or whose accent has no traceable roots? If their having a “local” accent is the main reason why you rejected anyone, then your priorities are truly skewed. But what do I know? It is your life. Rock on!
Flavour still brings that Igbo flavour and I loooove it.
@2niteflavour on Instagram

They are not romantic
There are just some people who learn with time or express their own love differently. They might not say it nor sweep you off your feet (every second of the day) by buying you a dozen roses or taking you to romantic dinners but they could wash your clothes and literally drive through any storm to find you. They will be the rock you need 24/7 and might just be the anchor you would need to go through this journey called life.
Hey Bro, she loves you but she’s not feeling you the flowers! Source: web


They are not modern (cream)
Some wish for partners who look like Jennifer Lopez or Shemar Moore. They turn down anyone who is not glam because it feels like they are cut from a different cloth and they do not move with the times. This is truly sad and it is no wonder people are so fake these days, “fake” has become the new normal.
So you want a partner like this (L or R), right?
Jisie Ike!
Source: Codedruns and Pinterest

They are Quiet, so will give me peace of mind (because I can “control” them)

Many men yearn for submissive wives and erroneously take quiet women as submissive ones. I always say that a quiet woman is a stranger. I think I will want to see someone lose their cool at least once while we are dating so I can find out: what makes them snap, how they manage it, how they might let it influence their actions, how fast/slow it would be before they simmer down etc.

Also remember that, a green “rope” in a green grass might be a green snake. Enough said!

(L-R) Miley Cyrus – Before and After
Hello.!When you marry Miley Cyrus (Left) and she turns into Miley Cyrus (Right).
Image Source: web
A quiet woman is a actually a stranger!

Thanks for reading…. Have any thoughts,  feel free to share your thoughts……

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