Why will Nigerian Senators Drive Cars Worth N36.5 Million Each?

by Uche Onegeria 20 Apr , 2016  

N36.5 Million =  $183,372.35 (USD)

The Land Rover Range Rover
Image from the web
The Chairman of the Senate Committee on Senate Services, Senator Ibrahim Gobir said that only 36 SUVs were bought at the cost of N36.5 million each.

“We had a close session and they agreed that we should give one car per state; we sat down and agreed on who among the three senators from each state needs the car most and that was what happened.” 

While speaking with journalists in Abuja yesterday, Senator Ibrahim Gobir claimed that the upper chamber did not spend over N4 billion to purchase 108 cars for lawmakers, as previously thought. He also wondered why Nigerians would kick against the purchase of new exotic cars because senators are entitled to official cars.
This guy should bring his head let me slap him (just kidding). Nigerians are being taxed from front, right and center and he is talking about driving EXOTIC cars, not just cars. Are there no cars that cost $5 million or thereabouts? And we are just talking about cars, we have not talked about salaries, other perks like housing, travel, furniture, stationary, security, feeding, technology…..”ashewo or chasing women”….”being stupid”…allowances. 

Image from the web
Onuku! See a typical Nigerian’s SUV allowance!
Rickety buses, which are nothing more than mobile coffins or death traps!!
God help us!!!

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