Why Nigerian Politics is so Twisted, it Makes the Word “Twisted” Jealous!

by Uche Onegeria 27 Apr , 2016  

(L-R) President Buhari and Former President Goodluck Jonathan
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I actually wanted to use the word “sick” instead of “twisted” but I am too polite to launch a blog post with such negativity. I saw this caption on Vanguard “Nigeria’ll boil if Jonathan is arrested, Northern CAN warns”.
I jumped in, already thinking of a blog post where I would discuss how it is only in my dear country that all political leaders especially the Presidents are above the law and then I saw something worse. The representative for the so-called Northern branch of Christians Association of Nigeria, CAN talked like someone that had half of his brain removed. I felt my palm twitching to slap him (but I will settle for an e-slap since I am too much of a lady to slap anyone anyway).
Image from the web

I will leave you to judge this. Here is what the association said about being against Former President, Goodluck Jonathan’s arrest:

1. Nigeria would boil if Goodluck Jonathan, the “hero of democracy” is arrested.

2. They urged President Buhari to focus on the herdsmen issue, erratic power supply and the weak economy. Read more in the quote below;

“Every honest Nigeria knows that the feelers on the ground are that this administration’s popularity is dwindling rapidly among the Nigerian people. It is therefore not advisable to think or plan to arrest former president Goodluck Jonathan. Let me warn that such a misadventure will set a wrong precedent and only open door for mischievous people to set this nation into confusion”.

“What Nigerians need urgently is availability of fuel, electricity, prompt salary, security of lives and properties etc. If the purported plan to arrest Jonathan is to please the international community and prove to them that we are fighting corruption, then let us know that these same international community are busy celebrating him as hero of democracy and even those who seriously wanted him to go for a change to happen are now singing a new song about him”.

“Former President Jonathan is deservedly seen in Nigeria and beyond as a hero of democracy because of his actions before, during and after the 2015 elections. As such, it will be curious for the Buhari administration to initiate the arrest of such a statesman. Government must know that there are individuals serving today that have also been accused of corruption, but since there are claims that nothing has been established against them, they are walking and speaking like saints. While ignoring all these people, government now wants to arrest a man of peace like Jonathan?”

“CAN Northern states wishes to advise that such an action, if actualized, has the capacity to lead to serious confusion that will affect Nigeria economically and otherwise. We are afraid that such an action may spark chain reaction. If our President wants to arrest anything for now then he should arrest the incessant spate of herdsmen attacks in Nigeria which has led to the deaths of almost a thousand innocent Nigerians under his watch. He should arrest the dangerous slide in the power sector; he should arrest the slide in the economy. We believe at this time and with the current realities our former president must not be denigrated but honoured, because honour must be given to whom it is due.”

My question is; why can’t President Buhari do all of the above? I mean arrest anyone (not only PDP like he has been doing but in his own party, APC as well)?

Why must people feel the need to suggest who should be arrested or not arrested?

This is really funny because Goodluck Jonathan looks like a Saint, right? Hmm. The country’s funds that he probably looted might be enough to build 5 schools and hospitals each, in all the Nigerian states. How is someone like that a hero, please? Because he stepped down for President Buhari? Let us stop praising people for giving us crumbs when we deserve the whole d*** bakery.

(L-R) Former President Goodluck Jonathan and President Buhari.
I am wondering what they were thinking about each other in this picture with their fake hug.
Image from the web
Let President Buhari step up and do something about his herdsmen and if he can set a motion that would persecute former presidents henceforth, it is for our own good. That way any future president would know that he is not invincible and actually do what he is voted in for!!

This group “Northern branch of Christians Association of Nigeria” sha. Really? The lines have blurred for all of us; both christians as well. I will not quit my mission to ask everyone to open their eyes. When President Buhari himself is done and messes up, let Nigeria be able to persecute him as well. Period!!

Thanks for reading people!! As always, I will be that voice of reason that will think about what most of us might not think of.

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