Why is There So Much Hate on Social Media Today? We Preach Love But Spread Hate!

by Uche Onegeria 22 Apr , 2016  

One Love Keep us Together……..  
Remember Onyeka Onwenu’s song, all the Love quotes we share on Social Media…all the Churches we visit, all the positive quotes we tag on our timelines, all the biblical messages we post on our social media profiles, all the “Amen” we type under online posts and declarations of success……is one aspect of our lives which we NEVER apply to reality. We all “back the wrong tree” in real life.
Here are the instances I have observed, where I read stories online and just was like “what is wrong with the world?”
Omotola Jalade Ekeinde
“My Husband goes to the market for me”
@realomosexy on Instagram

This Omotola’s admission that her husband goes to the market while she does all the cooking because she is harassed by fans in the market agitated fans like….you have no idea. There was a huge outcry from the public. Both the females (most of whom have championed “Feminism”) swooped in, swinging their axes to take her head off.

Anna Ebiere and Flavour N’abania
On…..Annie having a baby for Flavour
Sources: @annaebiere and @2niteflavour on Instagram
Anna Ebiere has been verbally abused online for having a baby for Flavour.
(Do people not make mistakes? Anna is no different from most girls that abuse her for her decisions. The only difference is that they have not gotten pregnant yet but trust me, they are sexually active).


Anna Ebiere (again..)
Source: @annaebiere on Instagram

Anna captioned the picture, “In your presence… is where we must be .. I love you Lord Jesus!! #campmeeting2016 #dominioncity“. She was called a “Pretender” and other ugly names for posting a picture of this her worship session in church.

Na wa ooh! So because she had a baby out of wedlock, she should never pray, or worship God or step foot in church. What do you have a problem with exactly?


Vincent Enyeama
Vincent posted a picture with his wife which shows his laptop and bible
Image Source: Rita Famous
Vincent Enyeama’s trolls
Image Source: Rita Famous
Image Source: Rita Famous

Hmm! Most times, when we speak, we just present our ignorance to the world on a platter of…..wood. Like “Please, everyone see me. I am stupid!”.

For me, I do not know when I adopted the “do not judge” mantra (I cannot say that I am perfect at this). However, I do remember growing up and arguing with my brother when he would say he heard something nasty about some girl. I would quickly jump to her defense and he will look at me like I was crazy (In truth, I probably never knew the girl).

Apparently, somehow, my view of the world widened (yeah, some people’s views are narrower than a needle…not on themselves. Only with regards to others…).

Flavour N’abania
Source: @2niteflavour on Instagram

Flavour captioned this picture “#adaada Munachi nwam”. Fans came for him saying “Karma is a bitch”….blah blah blah….

So he should not share his instagram page with his beautiful daughter…again? If he does not post pictures, he would be judged for denying his child. If he posts his daughter’s picture, even the innocent child is cursed.


Tiwa Savage
Tiwa’s son
Source: @tiwasavage on Instagram
Tiwa’s trolls
Image from the web

Tiwa’s trolls called her baby an animal and another said he thought the baby would have 3 heads.
Reason: She did not show pictures of her baby immediately after she gave birth to him. Na wa ooh!
Of course, the “mama bear” in Tiwa was unleashed
Image from the web


A few wise words, people. There is nothing wrong with the world. The world is beautiful.  However, there is plenty wrong with some of us.
I want to blame it all on ignorance (which is a factor most of the time) but it is also not justified for anyone to be mean or a bully on the internet or anywhere at all. If you cannot say it in someone’s face, do not hide behind your various devices to “type” it.
They say “if you do not have anything NICE to say, do not say anything at all”.
Also, if you want to avoid being mean or judging people entirely, say what really happened, not “what you think happened”. It is just like calling someone names when you quarrel. It is always better to present them with what they did, instead of calling them various names and raining abuses on them.
My 2 Cents! Thanks for reading, people….


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