Why Intellectual Pedigrees: Ibe Kachikwu, Fashola, Akunyili, Okonjo etc. have problems in Public office

by Uche Onegeria 1 Apr , 2016  

Header Image: (Clockwise) Babatunde Fashola, Okonjo Iweala, Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu, Dora Akunyili

We have all seen this before: Harvard schooled, First Class Graduate, Innovative CEO of an International Oil Company. However, when when they are elected into the Nigerian public office, all hell breaks lose. We assume that with their enviable credentials, they will be the saviour we have all been waiting for. They are the brains that we know our ever-permanently-fixed-in-office leaders (I mean those who recycle themselves and have sworn to die with the power mantle in their hands) do not have. They will save us from ourselves and from the greedy politicians (the ones I defined above..the devils with the pitchforks).

I have discussed some of these Great Characters below
Dora Akunyili (Deceased. May her soul RIP) risked her life while she was Director General of National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) of Nigeria. In fact, it was because of Dora that I knew about the NAFDAC organization and also how hard it would be to conquer corruption in Nigeria. She nabbed the selfish Nigerians who were importing fake medications. Some crimes exposed include medications which contained talcum powder instead of the right medicinal contents. There were also various assassination attempts made on her life while she was NAFDAC boss. This (your life) could the price of fighting corruption in Nigeria.

Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu is now being roasted from all sides for saying that although he has received numerous trainings, being a magician was not one of the trainings he received.

Personally, what I see is a frustrated man whose hands are tied every which way. Can you imagine what it means to be surrounded by those “vultures”? Imagine standing between a lion and his food. We call the calibres of Kachikwu to assume political position and effect changes in our country but when they do, how we treat them is deplorable. Do we ever think that this would dissuade others like him from accepting positions in our government? We need them. We all have complained about the typical Nigerian situation where the “intellectual geniuses” ride off to work for Multinational companies and the likes, leaving the third-class quality graduates to run the nation into the ground. Then when we get the “intellectual geniuses” onboard to help, we tear them to shreds at the least provocation. And of course the “godfathers” will not let them do their jobs. I imagine Kachikwu bringing amazing ideas to the table and not being able to work with the dimwits already in power.
And he is right! With Nigeria buried deep in corruption, do we expect magic from him to cure decades of decay in the Ministry? I cannot confirm this but some sources claim this;

When NNPC has fuel (known as “gas” by Nigerians in diaspora) in its pipelines, vandalism occurs. When there is no fuel in the pipelines, no theft occurs. 

Kachikwu quickly figured that he is surrounded my moles within the NNPC team who inform thieves when the pipelines contain fuel. Kachikwu’s team decided to remodel the workers’ shift schedules so noone would know when they would be on shift. Now, guess how the workers took this arrangement? Most of the staff rejected such arrangement. They said “over their dead bodies” will they be removed from their regular shifts or posted to other units.

Good Lawd! We all know that the Nigerian government is full of greedy and crappy leaders (to the tune of 99%….Yeah! I do not need to carry out any study to have that number) but let us all try and not add to the already decaying state of the country. What are you doing in whatever little position you occupy to help or worsen corruption in the country?

Let us open our minds and think when we see various media stories like this. You have a brain, use it! When I saw that Kachikwu was on fire for this or that, I suspected that it was a propaganda. I think that anyone asking for his resignation has ulterior motives which is not about the welfare of you and I. If we want the calibres of Kachikwu, Akunyili, Okonjo, and Fashola to continue answering the great call to help revive the economy, let us help them do their job. Let us encourage them.

God bless Nigeria!

Thank you for taking the time to read my piece.


  1. wonderful piece of thought,I love this, if evry1 can b objective in analysing what happens, we wouldn't b complaining. The godfathers has always been the problem we are having in Nigeria…they are the ones determining how to run the country.

  2. Whew! Thank you, Favour!
    I am glad people like us exist out there. I hope we find more and convince the narrow-minded to understand what is truth and what is propaganda.

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