Where are these Nollywood Stars?

by Uche Onegeria 2 Apr , 2016  

Eucharia Anunobi (Born 1965 | 50 years)
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Eucharia just joined the hit Nigerian TV show, Tinsel. Before joining the Tinsel family, Eucharia was quite preoccupied with her christian life which made her give less to Nollywood. She has also expressed regrets over the actions which led her to become a single mother. She is an Associate Pastor at the Fresh Oil Ministry International Church, in Egbeda Lagos. My favourite Eucharia Anunobi movie would be “Glamour Girls”.

Ndidi Obi (40s?)

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Those eyes don’t lie! I remember her from the movie “Nneka the Pretty Serpent”. Ndidi has a Banking and Finance degree from University of Lagos, Nigeria. She is said to still be active in Nollywood but I will let you decide if you feel the same way too.

Regina Askia (Born 1967 | 49 years)

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Regina’s marriage hit the rocks a while ago then she went overseas to get a nursing degree. This year (2016), she penned an open letter to President Buhari asking him about the “change” that he promised. Regina on the other hand has made no “change” back to Nollywood.

Emeka Ike (40s?)

After being silent for a while, Emeka reappeared in the media last month following Ibinabo Fiberesima’s legal battles where he took the mantle from Ibinabo as the Actors Guild Association’s President. (I do not know where you have been, Emeka but you returned to the scene, hitting the ground HARD). Emeka has been married since 2000 to a half-Dutch, half-Nigerian wife and has 2 boys and 1 daughter.

Clarion Chukwura (Born 1964 | 51 years)

Clarion bagged the Danny Glover humanitarian award a few days back in the United States for her community work with the less privileged through her Nigerian charity. You should remember that she has a son, Clarence Peters with Shina Peters. Clarion was also married to Mr. Abiola. She later married Femi Oduneye (Femi Egyptian) in 2004 and this year she married (third time) to a US-based man, Anthony Boyd.
Her son, Clarence Peters is a renowned award winning musical director (Remember him?).

Kanayo O. Kanayo (Born 1962 | 54 years)
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KOK had quite the time with the Goodluck Jonathan’s administration. It is no wonder he disappeared from Nollywood (Who needs Nollyood when you are in bed with the President?).

Hilda Dokubo (50s?)

Hilda also answered a political call and left Nollywood to serve on Governor Peter Odili’s political team. She has not returned to Nollywood since then.

Ego Boyo (40s)

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Ego has always had her eyes set on being behind the scenes of Nollywood movie production so when she got her first gig with fellow Producer, Amaka Igwe, she never looked back. She has produced various critically acclaimed movies like: Keeping Faith, To Live Again and 30 days. Do not expect to see her grace your screen as an actress. She prefers being behind the scenes and has an adorable family as well.

Shan George (Born 1970 | 45 years)
Image from the web

Shanny (as she is known by some Nigerians) also faced her own share of failed marriages. She has 2 sons, 29 and 27 years. She seems to have this wonderful personality and care-free attitude. I mean, she is always all smiles in every picture and has not aged one bit. I think she would be cool to hang with.

Ann Njemanze (40s?)
Ann married Segun Arinze in what seemed like a match made in heaven of 2 favourite TV movie stars but the marriage crashed in 2010. She had dropped from the Nollywood scene after a ghastly car crash left her bedridden for 2 years. Her hips were crushed and she had 5 surgeries.
She gave marriage a second chance in 2013 and that is rumoured to be on the rocks now.  Today, she has a recurring role on the hit Nigerian TV show, Tinsel.

Franca Brown (50s?)

Franca was that go-getter Nollywood mother/wife. I loved her roles and I know Nollywood misses her. The 2016 year started terribly for Franca as her housekeeper intentionally set her house on fire in January and blamed in on witchcraft. Franca also supported Goodluck Jonathan with his campaign during the 2015 Presidential elections.

Lilian Bach (40s?)

Image from the web
A online source said that Lilian is set to feature in Shan George’s new movie titled, “One Good Man”. We do not know if she will hang around after this but we remember her remarkably beautiful face back in the day.

Alex Lopez (Born 1980 | 36 years)

Image from the web
(I am tired of this research. Guys, Google her yourselves please. She has probably relocated overseas…like everyone else)

Saint Obi (40s?)

saint obi musician
Image from the web

Saint also dropped from the limelight but his acquisition of a 2014, G65 AMG Mercedes-Benz which cost about N 48 million ($292,000.00) shows that he is not suffering from being away from Nollywood. He is also happily married (ain’t everyone….”happily” married?).

Nkiru Sylvanus (40s?)
My family gave Nkiru the name “obe akwa” (Igbo name which translates to “someone that cries a lot” because she seemed to pick roles where she was maltreated and she did a very convincing job of CRYING her eyeballs out). She was rumoured to have married Oge Okoye’s ex-husband which she denied. She is also the Director General of Imo Film Academy (IFACA). (Again, who needs Nollywood when one is closely affiliated with Governor Okorocha)

Rita Nzelu (40s?)
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Rita Nzelu also relocated to London with her husband and is currently a businesswoman.

Empress Njama (40s?)

Image from the web

Pat Attah (40s?)
Image from the web

Ernest Obi (40s?)

Ernest got married and dropped from the scenes. Whew (A lot of that happening on this page). But on the side, he was accused by his ex of sexually assaulting their daughter (step-daughter?) some years back. I will encourage you to take that accusation with a pinch of salt.

Tricia Esiegbe-Kerry (40s?)

Image from the web
Tricia married her husband, Kingsley in 2010 and various interview sources report them as happily married but (correct me if I am wrong) I am not sure Tricia has made any movie for a while now.

Uche Osotule (40s?)

Some said that Uche went on to become a movie Producer. She has probably relocated overseas as well. I loved her. I loved the way she interpreted her roles.

Oby Edozie (40s?)
Oby is “facing her front”, focusing on her family with popular 90s singer, Alex O. They have 2 children now.

Andy Chukwu (40s?)

I have no update on Mr. Andy Chukwu. Please, help me here. Did he relocate as well?

Liz Benson (Born 1966 | 50 years)

Image from the web

Liz married a man of God and in answering God’s call to serve him, Nollywood has not seen much of her but she OWNED Nollywood when she was active. Remember her “switching roles” from a very young woman, to a very old one, to middle-aged. Her eloquence was out of this world.
She was simply amazing and there has been no one like her since she left.

Dolly Unachukwu (50s?)

It is said that Dolly is retired from Nollywood and has relocated to the United Kingdom with her family.

Yemi Olatunji AKA Yemi Blaq (40s?)
Image from the web
I think this guy is still active. You can confirm if you know more. Thanks :).

Uche Iwuji  (40s?)
Image from the web
Uche’s woes in her private life seem to have eclipsed her whole essence now. Uche also faced some scandal involving leaked nude pictures. Her marriage to oil and gas mogul Juwon Rasak, owner of ABD Fuels Plc crashed barely 1 year after their nuptials (shortly after her nude pictures were leaked). She has not been active in Nollywood since then.

Keppy Ekpeyong Bassey (40s?)
Image from the web
Keppy might not have graced the big screen for quite sometime now, but he has many projects under his belt which I presume keeps him pretty busy. Last year (2015), it was said that he would play Ebola victim, Patrick Sawyer in the movie “93 days”

Jayke Aernan (40s?)

Jayke Aernan

There has been an almost still silence in Jayke’s world as far as anyone is concerned as there has been no sighting of him. Even the internet has no current picture of Jake (I mean, none taken with a digital camera). It is said that he relocated to Ghana where he still directs and produces movies.

Sandra Achums (40s?)

Image from the web
Sandra’s marriage also hit the rocks and it is alleged that she relocated to Germany for greener pastures.

Emeka Ossai (40s?)

Image from the web

(Erhm, who cares about you, Mr. Emeka). We know you are happily married but why are you not active in Nollywood though? It is alleged that Emeka treated his ex-wife, Jennifer Okere (fellow actress, now deceased) badly and the Actors Guild knew about it and started denying him roles after Jennifer died in 1999/2000.
(All unconfirmed reports ooh)

Ernest Azuzu (40s?)

Image from the web

Ernest suffered a stroke sometime ago. He walks with a limp and rumour has it that he was seen begging for alms at some Lagos shopping malls like “The Palms”.

Gentle Jack AKA Vuga (40s?)
Image from the web
(Seriously, who knows this guy’s real name? Does he go by “Gentle Jack” on his official documents? I could only find his brother’s name, Gbasemi Tariah online. Even the Nigeria Films website did not have his real name… Oh Wait! Is he CIA? Hahahaah!).
He is currently married but he remains scarce on the movie front. His last public appearance was when he posted pictures of his family on vacation in Texas, US in 2013.
Image from the web
Larry Koldsweat (Age? Erhhm..60s?)


Image from the web

During an interview in 2013, here is what Larry had to say about his outlook on his life,
“If I have to come back to this world, I will be an actor again, I will be pastor and I will be a Nigerian again but I’ll like to change my tribe, I will like to be a Yoruba man (laughs). Reasons are, Yoruba people are very receptive; they are the only people that can give you a land irrespective of your tribe.
They have a large heart. This is my 40th year in Yoruba land and God made me what I am today in Yoruba land. I am a Lagosian take it or leave it. This is where my children can call their home, this is where we met God; this is where I made my dream and it is where I met my wife.”
(Mr. Larry, now that is such a load of bollox)
Larry also received an Infinity brand of a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) from a pastor called, Bro. Joshua Iginla in 2015, the General Overseer of “Champions Royal Assembly” church.
(Someone tell Mr. Larry that it is not too late to become a pastor. Why wait for your frigging next life? What if you come back as a Chair?)

Chidi Ihezie (40s?)

Image from the web

“When I got married, I faced the other side of production; family production. That was why I was away from Nollywood for some time, but I am back now” Chidi told  Nigeriafilms.
(Is she back? You tell me)

Victoria Iyama (40s?)

Do not expect Victoria back to the movie screen as she has also relocated to the United Kingdom.

Georgina Onuoha (40s?)

Image from the web

Georgina dropped out of Nollywood after she got married and relocated to the United States of America. She was also seen 2 years ago on the set of a movie in the US. I can not say that she is currently an active Nollywood actress.

Uche Elendu (40s?)

Image from the web
Some focus on career and some focus on family. Uche moved to Lagos to be closer to her career. I do not know how that move has favoured her so far.

Chiege Alisigwe (40s?)

Image from the web
Chiege’s marriage to a top police officer back in the day lasted for only 3 months. That marriage produced a daughter. It is alleged that she is currently married. However, we have not seen much of her in Nollywood since her “Oganigwe” days.

Susan Patrick (40s?)

I remember her for her gaped dental feature. In 2006, she lost her husband and after some drama here and there, her starlight slowly fizzled out.

Emeka Enyiocha (40s?)

Emeka’s social media profile shows he is a wonderful family man. No one knows why he is not active in Nollywood anymore. We also cannot forget his washboard abs (6-packs)

Grace Amah (40s?)

Grace is a single mother with a 5 year old son and has been out of the movie scene for a while. The identity of her son’s father remains unknown. She resurfaced in 2015 to support Lagos state governorship candidate, Jimi Agbaje.

Grace Amah - August 2014 - BellaNaija.com 02

Grace with her son in 2014, Image from the web

Maureen Solomon (40s?)

The last online report on Maureen was in 2011, where it was alleged that she was walked out of Imo State house of Assembly for inappropriate dressing. Afterwards, she claimed she would focus on her family rather than return to Nollywood.

Alex Usifo Omiagbo (I cannot guesstimate this man’s age ooh)

It is said that Alex is now a lecturer at Babcock University. (Can someone tell him that we need him back, please!)

Richard Mofe Damijo, RMD (Born 1961 | 54 years)
Image from the web
Richard also served his state, Delta as a Commissioner for Culture and Tourism and has not returned to Nollywood since. He is also quite the family man. In 2012, RMD had a Twitter war (probably one of the first in Nigeria) with popular blogger, Linda Ikeji. Linda had blogged that RMD’s mansion was worth N250 million and RMD did not hold any punches in hauling insults at Linda. He called her a “nobody” and told her to get a life.
(Hmm. Life is very interesting. RMD that started humbly as well, gradually climbed the elite ladder and talked down on another person? Talk about forgetting where you came from. Anyway, Linda is not a “nobody” today and that is how life is. You might be a “nobody” today but your story tomorrow could be different).

Ngozi Ezeonu (Born 1965 | 50 years)

Image from the web
Ngozi lost weight and looks good. If you have more about her, please share with us.

Hank Anuku (Born 1960 | 56 years)

Image from the web
I am certain Hank left a better legacy than his HIV status which saturates our media however, I’m yet to find that great legacy. It was also said that he infected his wife. You can bet that if he stars in any Nollywood movies, no one will be giving him a handshake, let alone a kiss no matter the price paid. My good guess is that his career is as good as dead.

Francis Duru (40s?)
Image from the web
He is alive and well (that is all I can say about him). If you know more…………….

Segun Arinze (40s)

Image from the web
He is married with kids. He is around and well. Trust me (Can you tell that I am tired already? Who send me message….to do this piece?)
Most of these Stars were my all time favourites especially Jayke Aernan who I crushed on like there was no tomorrow. I also love Ego Boyo’s poise and demeanor. There is something regal about her that you rarely find anymore.
In summary, most of them became inactive because they relocated overseas or/and got married. I bet they took that “overseas” option and left not knowing the entertainment industry would become as lucrative as it is today. No matter what their current situation is, Nollywood would not be what it is today without most of the people on this page. They opened the doors into Nollywood which most of our celebrated actors and actresses use today. They are the Veterans of Nollywood.
If you know more about them, please comment below.  Thank you for being here (This took a while to come together – I tell ya)
Sources: Vanguard, Naij.com, Nigeria Films, Wikipedia


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