Is this the Latest Lie Nigerians Tell Embassies to Travel Overseas?

by Uche Onegeria 28 Apr , 2016  

Apparently, it is alleged that this is a new scheme that Nigerians use employ to be accepted for asylum abroad. If you do not understand how “asylum” works, let me explain it to you. Some countries overseas can accept you as one of their own if you can prove that you are a fleeing your own country because of a threat to your life or…..

One Twitter user has come out to refute this story and say that this advert is a hoax used by some Nigerians to appeal to countries overseas to accept them.
The twitter user above said, “That is not what a public notice from the Police looks like. That’s a scam by someone that needs to strengthen her asylum claim abroad. You are doing that person a favour by spreading that picture. Your tweets will be used to back a false asylum claim, in some office abroad”.

My dear, read my blog posts on Visas and Immigration below. You do not need to lie and conjure up fancy lies to get your overseas application to be approved. If you are caught in a lie, you might never be allowed into that country. Also, you give the rest of us bad names with your drama.
Stop it. Either you do the right thing or sit “yo black a**” back home, like the rest.

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