Online Dating: How to Win Her Heart Online

by Uche Onegeria 6 Apr , 2016  

We live in a technology-driven world today. In fact, majority of our relationship communication happens over some gadget. With this technological advancement, the days of “man meets girl in church, market or mall, woes her and marries her” are almost gone. Several couples now meet each other on social media and make a wonderful relationship as well.

Does it sound like I am speaking Greek? Is it all absurd to you because it has never happened to you? Have you tried your luck with various ladies and failed woefully?

With the following steps below, you will definitely get the girl of your dreams. Do you know why? Most guys are doing a terrible job communicating with girls online as well. Be one of the few men that stand out!

Now, let me help you WIN THE HEART of the online girl of your dreams
Tip: The secret is to get her to be comfortable with you.
Are they your friends or following you on social media? If they are, that makes it easy.
1. Never let on from day one that you want to be something more than a friend to her (Unless your charm is out of this world or you are Cristiano Ronaldo). Take your time to get her to be comfortable with you before you pounce, Tiger.
Dont: Don’t demand anything. If you’re given, accept. If she doesn’t want to answer your question, remember it is a request. Do not take it personal. You are online and a reasonable girl tries to be careful.
2. Start chatting them up. Discuss what actually is, not how you feel (it’s too soon for feelings, honey. Keep your creepiness to yourself). Do not fire off a zillion questions (Back off! You aren’t the FBI). 

Red lights: Does she reply? Does she reply like “I have all the time in the world to chat with you” or “I’m fine, now eff off!” or she replies after 2/3 days? 

3. Does she seem into you by now? Is she comfortable with you? You usually can tell if she is ready for the next step (& by now, you might know if she is single or not from your past discussions). If she does not mention it, be careful how you ask. You can find out smartly. Most girls would have mentioned their boyfriends (in passing…if he exists) by now.

Dont: Do not call through Facebook (or any medium at all) without asking for their permission first!

4. What’s the next step? Phone number? I actually think that if your medium of communication is not enough, you can ask for more… Maybe a phone number (Do not ask to Skype or use other video communications. They are just too revealing and intimate. She might not be ready for it yet).

Tip: Always be polite and quickly apologize if you step out of line. You are looking for a friendship not for a kidney for some transplant. Respect yourself as well.

5. Do not keep them on the phone forever. Chat briefly and leave… (I wanna say you should leave her wanting more but you have to use your discretion here. Do not be desperate but do not be a dumbhead either). Or at least tell her you want to give her sometime to herself… If she says she’s fine chatting with you some more, you might be onto something.

Clue: By now, she knows you want more. And if she’s true, she would only encourage you because she is interested as well.

6. Find out when she’ll be free to talk. (When strangers wake me up from sleep or call me at work, I get mad. The smoke-coming-out-of-my-head kind of blind fury! If you were my boyfriend, I could coo in your ears but since you are not, you just woke up a dragon).

7. When you call her, also keep it brief (but plan to stay longer – you never know. You do not want to have 5 -10 minutes worth of talktime and things go great between the 2 of you then you get disconnected). It is a first impression! Make a remarkably great one.

8. Ok! Enough, Greedy oaf! I think I have given away most of the female secret codes here. If you have come this far, then you can take it to the next level. I will leave you to put your imagination to good use. Truth is that once you are both comfortable with each other, are both single and into each other, then you should work on taking this online relationship into the real world.

If they are not your friends on social media or not following you, kindly invite them (then go and pray to your ancestors and “Amadioha” so she would find your profile appealing enough to accept you). If they say “No”, then such is life. You can try staying away for a while and then return back to try again. If you have access to their direct message, send them a brief note that they cannot say “no” to.

Good Luck!


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