Guess Who Lent His Voice to Ndigbo’s Marginalization? Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu!

by Uche Onegeria 19 Apr , 2016  

The Deputy Senate President, Sen. Ike Ekweremadu yesterday had some wise words for Nigeria on the state of Igboland affairs and its marginalization. He disclosed this in Enugu while addressing the people of Eziagu council area of Enugu state, during a solidarity visit. He recounted that despite the contributions of Ndigbo in the development of Nigeria, “we are being provoked everyday by the government of this country”. He continued his address saying,

“Let me remind you that we are going through difficult periods in Igboland. As Ndigbo, we are going through trying periods, we are being provoked everyday by the government of this country in the way they treat our people, especially, the marginalisation going on at the federal level by the federal government. 

We are also aware of the contributions of our people towards the development of this country. The Nigerian Movie Industry, which is the major export we have, Igbos pioneered that industry, in sports, Igbos are all over the world doing the country proud. When you see Nigeria national team playing, 80 percent, most times, are Igbos and we are happy to do that”

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“In all remote villages in Kano, Kaduna, Maiduguri and everywhere, there are Igbos who are patent medicine dealers, you will see Igbos selling plastic, you will see Igbos providing jobs not only to their people, but to the rest of Nigerians.”

“This country is big enough for everybody. Nigeria needs energy and ingenuity of Igbos, they need our creativity, they need the enterprise of Igbo man and we can combine the attributes with the other tribes and Nigeria will be great. So we will continue to work on this to ensure inclusivity in the governance of this country.”

“We have already left Egypt and we will never go back to Egypt. Definitely, we will get to the promise land unlike the people of Israel, all of us will be alive when we get to the promise land. So, I am not shaking and don’t be afraid my people, we believe in this country, we believe in free enterprise, we believe in justice and we also believe in equity and that we ensure that this country will get,”

The deputy president of the Senate said Igbos will never accept the situation where any tribe would be excluded from the governance of this country because this country belongs to all, adding that “it may be dark today, but there would be light at the end of the tunnel.”
Ekweremadu stressed that until “we get our respect, Nigeria will never be the same. So any person who thinks that Igbos will be relegated and there will be peace in this country is joking. We believe in equity, we believe in justice”.
I have been waiting for one of the top Ndigbo bigwigs (like Ekweremadu, Peter Obi, Ibeto etc.) to throw their weight on this issue. Hmm.. It is truly amazing that he stepped up and he did it respectfully, straightforwardly and in a no-nonsense, matter-of-fact manner!
Good job Senator Ike Ekweremadu! Good job!!
Source: Today Nigeria

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