Buhari Needs to Address Herdsmen Crisis & Governors Need to Step-Up Security

by Uche Onegeria 27 Apr , 2016  

I wrote a facebook post about this mayhem that has befallen us and it garnered quite the attention. Social media has given everyone a voice which is incredible. However, because of some deep-seated foundation we all have, we just tend to move with the crowd (follow the bandwagon). We forget some vital questions that we should be asking as well. I am here to remind us all about that.

I sat back thinking that this (following the bandwagon) is one major problem with us as a country. Yes! If you opened this post to read about me bashing President Buhari, I will have to disappoint you a great deal. Many people are already doing that for me. My being the 1,000,000,000,000……0000th person will not change anything. It will not make President Buhari do something faster.

However, I will use the skills that has gotten me to the stage I am at today to analyze this issue in black and white. And you should not run-off being mad, and calling me a traitor or…… (another problem we have – not knowing the entire story before hurling abuses at people).

Our major problem as Nigerians is that we almost never entertain opinions contrary to ours. If Alexander Bell and Einstein were Nigerians, we would have shut them down when they wanted to do something different and we would all not have telephones/phones and our foundational Physics today.
Image made by Onegeria #FulaniHerdsmen

So my concerns are thus;

1. Why were the Fulani herdsmen who attacked these villages not tracked, found and prosecuted? I am asking this question because when a thief comes to your house, you try whatever you can do to be safe before you start calling for help.

2. What are the State Governors doing about this issue? Do the Fulani herdsmen have free grazing rights all through the country? If they do, let them poke holes in that absurd claim. Like I told my friend this morning, if I were a governor, I will mount signs saying “free grazing rights banned. Trespassers will be shot to be killed”.
Let us try to hold our state leaders as equally responsible for protecting us as the President. Or are they not supposed to protect us as well? I mean, if our “Northern President” is playing politics with our lives, why can’t our governors step up.

If I were a Governor, this is the message I will have at my borders;
“free grazing rights banned. Trespassers will be shot to be killed”


3. Are we equally criticizing our governors? This issue with the governors is bringing to light what they need to do that they are not doing. Anambra State Governor, Willie Obiano has beefed up security in Anambra state and kidnapping has ceased. He did not wait for President Buhari to come from Aso Rock to protect Anambrarians from kidnappers. Remember Fashola as a Lagos State governor. He had a vision, and direction, and everyone knew it. He flawlessly executed his plans.

4. When has a cow’s life become more important than that of any human? Why will anyone kill a human being over a cow? This beats me. It is the only question that keep running through my head!

I have always known that the decline in the Nigerian educational system is affecting everything

5…..let us save ourselves and families while we wait for President Buhari to openly address and condemn these acts, create new policies to curb the herdsmen (we can only wish)…anything to prevent this menace. 

I see President Buhari being blamed for every headache that Nigerians experience. This is not a bad idea. He should be criticized (I have said “criticized” not “abused”. We are mature and civilized adults. Let us act the part). I am Igbo but I am all for fairness. So you will always find me on the side of the truth. I think that not equally calling out our governors to take responsibility would make them relax and not do the “little” that is required of them.

Thank you for reading people. Do not worry. I will always be that person in the sea of many, pointing out what we should have done, and what we need to do. Thank you very much for your time. God bless us all!

Please, do get off the bandwagon. Only when you do will we all be able to recreate our world.We do not need popular opinions (we have enough of that). We need impeccable and unique ideas to save us all. We need you to THINK!!

…….for reading

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