Ditch the Rig Helmets, Grab a Hoe! No More Oil Business as Buhari Needs you in the Farms!

by Uche Onegeria 2 Apr , 2016  

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You asked President Buhari to reduce the price of food products, and he is working on that.

At a bilateral meeting with the Prime Minister of Denmark, Mr. Lars Rasmussen, in Washington DC, U.S., Buhari reaffirmed his administration’s commitment to diversify the Nigerian economy.
(So now, his International trips make sense, huh?). The price of food products is on the increase because we import almost every food item and with the increased Forex rates, ……………
Buhari also said,

“We developed a mono-product economy and lost opportunities to diversify in the past. We have great potential for agriculture and solid minerals; we are now determined to exploit them to the fullest. We will welcome more investment in our agriculture and solid minerals sectors from countries with expertise in the two sectors. We abandoned them for petroleum; Now, we have to go back. Our bill for the importation of food and dairy products is very high. We want to cut it as much as possible by developing our local potential”.

President Buhari also pledged to continue partnering with other countries to further improve maritime security in the Gulf of Guinea. He also said that his administration is determined to stop the huge revenue loss from crude oil theft.

You should know that Denmark is a major shipping country. The Prime Minister, Rasmussen acknowledged Nigeria’s current efforts to enhance security in the Gulf of Guinea. He also expressed his country’s interest in investing in the development of Nigeria’s agricultural sector if the right policies and conditions are put in place. Here is what he said,

“We are quite experienced in agriculture; it is an area in which we can cooperate. If you pave the way and remove the obstacles, we will like to come in”.

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Buhari aims to address the past neglect of these two sectors (Agriculture and Mining) to help reduce unemployment rate and make Nigeria a more productive country…again.

(I do not know about you but this is the first time in a long while that a Nigerian President is focusing on what TRULY matters…and sounding believable as well!)
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