Boxing and Brains; Nigerian Anthony Joshua and Augusta Uwamanzu-Nna Break International Records

by Uche Onegeria 10 Apr , 2016  

We LOVE  claiming our brothers and sisters in diaspora when they achieve incredible feats. Who can blame us?

Everyone wants to be linked to success. Moreover, one truly gets tired of hearing about the Nigerian bad eggs out there that when news like this break about one of our own, we just celebrate them as Nigerians – irrespective of tribe or culture.

Augusta Uwamanzu-Nna (17 years)
Image from the NBC News

Who says lightning does not strike in one place twice? Barely one year after Harold Eke made news for scoring 2270/2400 in his SATs and also getting accepted into 10 Colleges (including all Ivy League schools), Augusta Uwamanzu-Nna stunned the whole world with the same feat.

You have also probably seen the US Academic report that claims that Igbo People may be the most brilliant black African race. Read an excerpt from the report below,

“A search through the promotional materials of school for a black student – all schools and colleges would always show some black faces in their promotional materials if they have any – reveals that they have had at least one black student, and it was, unsurprisingly, a Nigerian Igbo.” 

Anthony Oluwafemi Joshua (26 years)
Did you see the Twitter news feed? This guy has been trending online for hours with #MartinJoshua. I do not think he has been widely recognized by the Nigerian media as being one of us but I took one look at him and suspected that he is Nigerian. Wikipedia confirmed that for me.
Anyway, he became the International Boxing Federation’s (IBF) World Heavyweight Champion last night!
Look at what Wikipedia said about him,

Joshua was born in Watford to a Nigerian mother and a father of Nigerian and Irish descent. His cousin is fellow unbeaten professional boxer Ben lleyemi. The pair made their professional debuts together in 2013.

Joshua grew up for much of his early years in Nigeria and returned to the UK halfway through Year Seven to join Kings Langley Secondary School. Growing up on the Meriden Estate in Garston, Hertfordshire, Joshua was called “Femi” by his friends and former teachers, due to his middle name “Oluwafemi”.

Anthony Joshua has become world champion in fewer fights than Ali and Tyson
Source: BBC Sports

Good job guys! Let us show the world that Africa (black skin) is also capable of greatness. Not that the world does not know this already but I think they quickly forget or think these are just a few exceptional cases. No! This is Africa. You take the good with the bad and we are tired of being labeled as inferior people!

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Header image: Augusta Uwamanzu-Nna (L) and Anthony Joshua (R)

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