10 Lessons to Steal from the Celebrities we Celebrate….Everyday!

by Uche Onegeria 29 Apr , 2016  

1. They Fail (and try again) till they win (be it in the form of several failed relationships or poor box office or music album performance). They almost never give up.
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2. They are widely criticized (maybe verbally abused) by the general public yet they seem to always smile for the camera and keep moving forward. They do not cower under the weight of their criticisms. Even the paparazzis and the tabloids make up terrible, make-belief stories about them that are so far from the truth just to sell.

(L-R) Zendaya (too skinny), Kim Kardashian (popular for nothing or for a sex tape),
Kelly Clarkson (too fat), Viola Davis (not sexy enough)

3. They re-define themselves. They are rarely one thing (Madonna has changed herself with the times to appeal to each different generation she has met in her life).

4. They relax and enjoy their life. They understand that having a great work-life-balance is key to getting the most out of life. Remember “all work and no play…..”

Source: @realomosexy on Instagram

5. They give back (in so many ways – be it financially or visiting sick patients).

Mercy Johnson and husband, donating to widows in their community
Image from the web

6. They keep working hard …harder on their art even when the reward for their hard work eludes them (case in point; Leonardo DiCaprio who worked equally as hard when he did not win the Oscar Statue. We often see them shopping and it seems that life is a playground for them. We forget that they truly work hard either by getting acting/singing coaches, having many rehearsals or practise sessions to perfect their art). 

Image from the web
7. They diversify their brand into a lot more than what they are known for (they morph from being musicians to actors/actresses, and business moguls in various industries like perfumes, wine, fashion, technology etc.). They never remain the same.

8. They are skillful at spinning the bad from their lives into good news or to their advantage (remember Kim Kardashian with her sex tape or Robert Downey Jnr. for conquering substance abuse and addiction).

9. They are confident. No one ever gets as far as these celebrities get in life without courting confidence all the way and growing better as well. Whether it is by negotiating higher salaries for their roles, or turning down endorsements worth a lot of money because they go against their beliefs or simply knowing how to manage paparazzis by telling them off when they step out of line.

10. Their dedication is unparalleled to none. You have seen some of them who have gone through incredible transformations for roles.

(L-R) Chris Hemsworth (2 photos Left) and Christian Bale (2 photos Right) 
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