Wrong but Popular Myths on Visa Application which Disqualify your Applications

by Uche Onegeria 2 Mar , 2016  

Header Image: Sample picture of the United states Visa – Image from Wikipedia

I will not get the Visa if:

  1. I am a student.
  2. I am Nigerian.
  3. They know that I am pregnant (I know someone who went for her interview heavily pregnant and got approved for US Visa). 
  4. I do not have a job.
  5. I am a Muslim or from the middle East.
  6. I cannot speak English.
  7. I am married.
  8. I do not know anyone in the US.
  9. I do not have anywhere to stay.
  10. I have children.
  11. I tell the truth on my application (if you have to lie in your application, then you do not need to apply at all)
  12. My US Visa application has been denied before (were you not listening to them? If your application was rejected, they must have told you why – work on the why/s and re-apply again)
  13. I am sick and want to receive treatment in the US.
  14. I do not have a return ticket to the US.
  15. I have never traveled before.

Know this – telling yourself that you will not get your Visa application approved based on whatever reason could make you to lie on your application form and/or during your interview.
There are many Visa categories to accommodate everyone. As with every job application, if you qualify for it, you will get it. You will also get your Visa approved if you present a valid reason for your trip in your application forms and interview.The only thing you should remember is that you will not get a Visa if you lie.


  1. Hi Abdulmalik,
    It is actually easier than you think if only you know what they want and give it to them.
    In summary; have your money, reason for returning, bla bla bla..then confidently face your interview and you will be fine.

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