Women, better multitaskers than men since the beginning of time

by Uche Onegeria 4 Mar , 2016  

Diane Konomany Konomany, a Minister in Sierra Leone.
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This picture of a Sierra Leonean Minister, Diane Konomany Konomany with a baby on her  back while obviously immersed in official business has since gone viral. She is the minister of Local Government and Rural Development and will teach most of us 1 thing or 2 about work ethics, hard work and multitasking.
You have heard the saying that women are great multitaskers, right? Well, here is your proof – in black and white. No excuse for not getting the job done.
I imagine her hearing the baby fuss in the next office and of course, being a mother probably said, “Hand him over to me”. And the rest is history.
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