Why P-Square should hire Kris Jenner as their Momager

by Uche Onegeria 26 Mar , 2016  

Image edited from Instagram by Onegeria
P-Square’s parents are gone and may their beautiful souls rest in God’s bosom. Amen!

Like I had discussed in my previous post where I analyzed their problems, I believe that if their mother was alive, P-Square would still be as strong as they were, when they started.

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Forget Olisa Adibua, Forget Peter Obi and others,
give Kris Jenner a call

Seriously, Kris Jenner is a miracle worker. She straightens even the most crooked arrows. Who do you think got Kanye off his computer and stopped those never-ending-crazy tweets that seemed to regale the world for the past couple of months? It was his mother-in-law, Kris. She is the Momager, the evil mother, the miracle worker for the Kardashian klan (clan). She is the real life Olivia Pope! A true Fixer. I will not be shocked if I learn that she works for the FBI.

Image from the web

She turned her daughter, Kim Kardashian’s sex tape into a gold mine and has not slowed down since. She also got Kim and Amber Rose to become buddies again after Kanye, Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose got into that crazy threesome (sorry…erhm…Twitter fight).

Image from Kim Kardashian’s Instagram
Rumour has it that she summoned both girls to her mansion and fixed their mess
Image from the web
Momager 101: How you manage a sex tape
She turned Khloe and Kylie into overnight social media sensations and also got Kendall rocking the runways like she owns them. What has she not done? She literally breathed life into the Kardashian name and commanded them to go and dazzle the world. If she was P-Square’s Momager, she would have knocked a sense or two into them a long time ago.

Her brood…conquering the world, 1 sister at a time


Yes! Peter, Paul and Jude, if you can afford Kris Jenner, hire her ASAP and your problems would go away! If you need more proof, please find them below.

Image from the web
She would only take 10% commission. That’s probably fair but we are talking dollar$$

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