Why Buhari’s trip to solicit foreign aid or investors is a failure

by Uche Onegeria 1 Mar , 2016  

President Buhari
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An APC leader confirmed that their party fully supports President Muhammadu Buhari’s frequent trips abroad.”
He stated that for the party, “Buhari is acting nobly as any a good father, whose family is not only deadly broke, but his house is on fire. He is running helter-skelter to save our dear country. This is not the kind of task to delegate. As a father of a broken house, he has no alternative except to run to friends and well wishers in a desperate bid to salvage our dear country, especially, when the money which could have been our reserve for the rainy day had been carted away by marauders. To worsen matters, the price of crude oil is on a free fall. Otherwise, his lethargy and inertia means there will be no food on the table. That’s the truth of the matter.

Hmm!! These trips make no sense whatsoever because:
  1. With 33 people in his entourage, the cost of this trip will be in tens of millions of Naira (if not hundreds).
  2. With the wave of bad news about Nigeria abroad, who will want to invest in Nigeria?
  3. Our falling currency.
  4. Irregular or no power, water, internet supply (everything).
  5. Poor security situation (these foreigners could get kidnapped).
  6. Poor healthcare system.
  7. Corrupt system.
  8. Poor road networks and navigation systems.
  9. Poor educational institutional facilities and curriculum (if they arrive here with their kids, which schools would they go to).
In essence,  all I am saying is that there are many rich people in Nigeria that can invest as well – churches, individuals and various organizations. You cannot have your house on fire and ask people to come and invest in it. Who wants to invest in a sinking ship?
If you fix it first and then you make it attractive – you might not even have to go begging people to come. They will come find you. Case in point; The Middle East – Dubai and UAE.
There is no difference between Nigerians and foreigners – we have the same intellectual capacity that they have. And if we need to be trained by them, that will be awesome but our President needs to prioritize effectively.
You have not even done 1 year in office to set some things right, water the ground and all, and you are already chasing your tail for what? They will not fix your home for you.
I would rather Nigeria be in debt but set-up properly than be debt-free and also in a hot mess.
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