Why did P-Square Bromance go Sour?

by Uche Onegeria 24 Mar , 2016  

Peter (L) and Paul (R)
Image from the web
So who is P-Square? (From Wikipedia)
Born: 1981 (34 years) in Jos
Real Names: Peter and Paul Okoye (They are twins with the stage name, P-Square)
Sibling: Jude (I do not know if they have other siblings…maybe a sister)
Nationality | City, State: Nigeria | Ifite Dunu, Anambra State
Profession: Musicians
Parents: Deceased (May their souls rest in peace)
Marriage (Peter): 2013 to Titilola Loretta Omotayo (dated for 7 years)
Children (Peter): Son, Cameron and Daughter, Aliona
Marriage (Paul): 2014 to Anita Isama (dated for 10 years)
Child (Paul): Son, Andre
Their rift started as far back as April 2014 when Peter claimed not to “get enough recognition for his art” because Paul is the publicly self-acclaimed singer while Peter has been delegated to the dancing role. This could make most song selection choices for their albums a tricky situation as Paul, the singer might favour some of his songs over other works in any album.
I have depicted the P-Square rift as it affects them, their families, and fans
Did you see the video of fans who cried for them to get back together?
Image by Onegeria

The second rift reared its ugly head early this year when Peter publicly denounced their brother as his manager. He said that his main concern is that their group has no structure.

I am not here to tell you which brother might be right or wrong. However, I will objectively analyze this and hopefully P-Square fans would understand how complicated their situation is.

Why are they having problems?

  • Sibling rivalry (Most siblings compete with each other from birth. It never gets old)
  • Lack of Parental guidance (Most people that lose their parents end up without a structure because their parent/s who once held the family together are/is no more)
  • Change in circumstances (A friend once said that “people do not change” but “circumstances change people” by bringing out either the best or worst from them)
  • Growth and Personal development (Your average CEO reads about 3-4 books in a month. I might be wrong but there is a stage you will be at and if you are given a zillion dollars, it might tear your family apart not because you do not love them but maybe you have not grown to know what is truly important in your life).
  • People grow apart (Yes! It is sad but true…this happens.)
I will keep referring to how the Kardashians run their million dollar empire, with 5 girls involved (who said women can never work together), and there has been no rift between them. If I have to guess, I would say the evil Kris Jenner (who is their Momager) has everything to do with that.

Peter, Jude and Paul way back when they were a 3-man team
Image from the web
Image from the web
What is truly weird about this situation is that they are not just brothers, they are twins. Most twins I know stick closer than “white on rice”.

I wish they had kept a little bit of their private lives away from the public eyes. Unlike most people, I cringe whenever people’s dirty laundry flash on my news-feed. I am not saying they should not share with their fans. They shared a giant lot which they can never take back even when the dust settles. We have to learn never to rush with emotions as “regrets usually always follow”.

Will they heal?
It is hard to tell. They might perform together but will their personal relationship ever be the same? Will their flawed personal relationship affect their business?

Healing takes a long while though and I will suggest that they take time off after whatever big project they currently have; spend time together, grow (like I mentioned to develop themselves mentally), get therapy from a professional, maybe get a life mentor or coach because Family truly is Everything.
  • Family is more than all the Managers, and artists that they will ever sign. They have to learn to be patient, understanding, respect each other, and have a spirit of family over money/power.
  • Healing is possible, if they try hard enough.
  • I worried this rift could affect their family. However, Peter said their wives are tighter than the guys. Whew! This is the first time in the history of any family rift that women are not the cause of the problem or blamed for the rift (I am a lady and some of us truly do come in 50 shades of manipulativeness).
  • On the whole, if they will be fine without Jude, then so be it. Although I doubt, given the bad blood that came from this rift. Trust is like a mirror that once broken the cracks can never be fixed.

Also, to the fans, if they will be better off as individual artistes, maybe we need to let them be. Stop forcing it! They have given us great music for more than 10 years. If it is time for them to move on, we should give them our blessings.

Paul with his wife, Anita
Image from Paul’s Instagram page
Peter with his wife, Lola
Image from Peter’s Instagram Page
Jude Okoye and his wife, Ify
Image from Google

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