President Buhari on Corruption “We will be merciless and relentless”

by Uche Onegeria 15 Mar , 2016  

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While visiting a Nigerian community in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, President Buhari addressed community members and avowed not to relent in his anti-Corruption fight.

President Buhari said:

“We will be merciless and relentless in pursuing all those who abused public trust. Nigerians will see how some of the elite conspired to run the nation down. We will deal decisively with all sponsors of violence. I have given the security services clear directives in this regard. We will show that violence in any form will no longer be tolerated before, during or after elections”.

His administration will be joining other African countries who encourage their citizens abroad to vote to ensure Nigerians abroad will exercise their right to vote in national elections. He said,

“I want all Nigerians to know that I respect them and their right to choose their leaders,”

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