Is there an artist boom in Nigeria? Find Chijioke Anyacho’s incredible sketches here

by Uche Onegeria 9 Mar , 2016  

Barely 30 minutes after I published a story on Oresegun Olumide, I came across another story about another young man, Chijioke Anyacho.

Chijioke paints/sketches with just ballpoint pens to produce incredible works like you will see below:

I present to you – Chijioke Anyacho himself

Images from Nairaland

However, on closer look on the internet, unlike Oresegun Olumide’s unique oil paintings, Chijioke’s ballpoint pen painting style is not new. Just search for “ballpoint pens for drawing” and you will see them. His work is incredible all the same.

I cannot even draw a straight line without needing the help of a ruler so who am I to judge.

Find some sketches below:
Screen capture images from Google
Screen capture images from Google


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