10 “Wife material” Myths which get you into Terrible Relationships

by Uche Onegeria 20 Mar , 2016  

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  1. She can cook so…..I will marry her (Like good food has ever saved any relationship. Come overseas and see people who never cook but have wonderful marriages).
  2. She goes to church so….I will marry her (Remember that the devil was once an angel ooh).
  3. Her mother (or sister) is a wonderful woman (My dear, sometimes the apple falls far from the tree and keeps rolling away).
  4. She is quiet and will make a very docile woman (Hmm).
  5. She is opinionated….I do not want someone that……. (My friend, go and marry a mute).
  6. She is too wise (I did not know that the wisdom God bestowed on Solomon is a curse on others).
  7. She has an advanced degree (Aggghh! That one too sabi book. Person no go hear for am).
  8. She is not submissive (Are you sure you understand that a submissive woman is not an idiot/mumu?)
  9. She is richer than I am (You are so insecure already. What if you marry her and she starts earning more than you. Will you divorce her then?)
  10. She cheated on me, I will dump her and marry another ASAP (then you marry a total stranger. Good Luck!..
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I am not saying you should remain with a cheat, but take your time with the next person.

I will also be publishing another post for the ladies. This issue affects everyone

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