Central Bank of Nigeria Exposed for Illegal Hiring Involving Nigeria’s Elite Family & Friends

by Uche Onegeria 18 Mar , 2016  

Source: madamenoire.com
I am an avid Google user but my search only came up with just one face, Ayo Oyebanjo’s. There were others who I could not verify their identity. I never post unverified information on my blog. I initially published Ayo’s picture but he reached out to me to remove it.

Here is the list as provided by Venture Africa
I think it was originally published on Scribd with the title, “List of CBN Illegally Employed Persons”. It has more than 100 names. I am sitting here thinking “No wonder the country is in such a mess because the Central Bank of Nigeria ignores employment screening protocols and recruits a bunch of dimwits to manage the country’s fund”.

  1. Biola Ologburo Adeniran
  2. Abba Mustapha Shettima
  3. Abdul-akeem Mohammed Ali
  4. Abdullahi Mohammed Nuradeen
  5. Abdulmalik Atta
  6. Abdulnasir Haruna
  7. Abubakar Mohammed Yahaya
  8. Adefela H. Adejuwon
  9. Aduwak Laraba
  10. Ahmad Aminu
  11. Ahmed Aminu-Kano
  12. Ahmed Zainab Shehu
  13. Aina Michael O
  14. Akinwunmi Ayodeji Akintola
  15. Alexandar Chukwuka Okakwu
  16. Aliyu Aisha Yakubu
  17. Aminu Ahmadu Dauda
  18. Aminu Halimat Sadia Abdullahi
  19. Asuzu Obioma C
  20. Ayoola B Oyebanjo
  21. Ayoola Oluwabukola
  22. Babayo Abdulhakeem Abdullahi
  23. Carpenter Barka Muhammad
  24. Dahiru Isa Abba
  25. Ejike Emmanuel Ibe
  26. Ekayi Nyofo Shitta
  27. Essien Innocent Joshua
  28. Ethel Isioma Ojije
  29. Farida Zuhair
  30. Fatima Baba Shehu
  31. Fatima Imam
  32. Hajara Sani
  33. Hanafi Abubakar Mujeli
  34. Hassan Usman
  35. Ibeh Nnadozie Nathaniel
  36. Ibironke Ifeoluwa Adetunbi
  37. Ibrahim Ahmed Lawan
  38. Ibrahim Kabir Tijjani
  39. Ibrahim Muhammed Kabir
  40. Ibrahim Usman
  41. Idigo Ifeanyi Charles
  42. Iheomamere Chikezie Chikwendu
  43. Ikyembe Terseel Ikyembe
  44. James Elizabeth Edidiong
  45. Jibril Abdullahi Ibrahim
  46. Joel Ugochukwu Jones
  47. John Irimiya Balewa
  48. Kamaludden Tukur Tafida
  49. Loretta Laoye
  50. Maryam Abubakar
  51. Maryam Adamu Badamasi
  52. Mbwiduffu Ibrahim Auta
  53. Mohammad Ahmad Adamu
  54. Mohammed Ali
  55. Mohammed Ameer Ibrahim Bunu
  56. Muhammad Isah Rumu
  57. Muhammad Muhammad Magasa
  58. Muhammed Hassan
  59. Musa Ibrahim
  60. Mustapha Mariam Bukola
  61. Na’abba Fatima Ghali
  62. Nagode Abdulrahman
  63. Nasreen Mamman-Daura
  64. Odelola Oyekunle Isimenme
  65. Okocha Uzoma Meshark
  66. Olajide Tolani Kudirat
  67. Olawunmi Adedoyin Kayode
  68. Omitokun Omolola Temitope
  69. Omoile Kingsley Ucheka
  70. Onoja Uwane Jessica
  71. Oruche Chukwudubem Godwin
  72. Owoade Adedamola Kazeem
  73. Princewill Eva
  74. Rabiu Musa Mbulo
  75. Sadik Uba Sule
  76. Sadiq Inuwa Baba
  77. Salami Bashirat Omolola
  78. Samaila Shehu
  79. Shima Kuma
  80. Solomon Ezra Monde
  81. Sunday John Momoh
  82. Taslim Ganiyu Olalekan
  83. Temitope Adeola Odunowo
  84. Titilayo Tola Olowoniyi
  85. Ukute Patrick Ewere
  86. Usman Buba Jalo
  87. Yahaya Sani
  88. Yakub Umar Yakub
  89. Yamani Sanusi
  90. Yinusa Bilikis Orekuleyin
  91. Yisa Daniel Nma
Are you one of those who graduated with 2-1 or first class (3rd class, please take several seats) but still find it hard to get a worthwhile job in the country?

Is it because you are not qualified, or because you just cannot excel in the recruitment assessments (even though you have passed more tedious assessments during your university program)? Or do you fail these assessments because you are just part of a company’s statistical ploy to complete corporate paperwork and prove to the Labour union that a recruitment process has been carried out while people from the above list are recruited?
What surprises me about Nigeria is that this scheme is not new. We know that it happens but now that a list has been provided, we are offended. Shit got real for you ehh? How dare they do that to us, you ask? How dare they put their own people over everyone of us? Are they better than me?
Nigeria! We are like that woman who looks the other way knowing that her husband cheats on her. Then out of the blues, when she finds her millionth proof – Bam! She raises hell. 
Whew! Wait a minute. Let us not be quick to condemn ourselves. Our level of tolerance has been stretched (instead of to its limits) so much that we have no limits. We really have no choice. It is democracy but we talk and our leaders do not listen. They only “lead” their own families, by stealing from us and giving them the best of everything everyone should have.
The typical Nigerian politician probably thinks, “How can I be averagely rich when I can be stinkingly rich by just starving a few villages (maybe all – who cares)?” *Scoffs*.
Image from the web

I also have to ask myself this question; What if the people in this list are truly qualified to be employed at CBN? Let us face it, people like him receive the best education there is out there. Maybe some of them truly qualify and you do not because you went to one unknown university in your village. In all aspects, I know – they cheat us and present an unequal playing field. You cannot win! You cannot pass CBN exams, nor can you comport yourself like the people in the attached list would during interviews because they have been trained to be leaders and you, (whew) pathetic skinny sorry ass looking local Imo State University school graduate champion who cannot say “hello” without stuttering (do I explain further?). Go and work in Union Bank of Nigeria jare! After all that is what you qualify for?

Image from the web

On a serious note, you also have to ask yourself this important question. Would you have acted differently if you are in a position of power today and your child needs a job? Will you not make that phone call? If your answer is not “Yes”, please “SHUT UP!”

List from Venture Africa


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