As long as President Buhari can afford it, he does not care about you

by Uche Onegeria 6 Mar , 2016  

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An Al Jazeera anchor while interviewing President Buhari asked him about the plight of Nigerians with children schooling abroad who struggle with the rising foreign exchange cost.

President Buhari: Not every Nigerian can afford it and the country cannot continue to subsidize the forex needs of everyone.
Interviewer: But your own children school abroad?
President Buhari: I can afford it.
Interviewer: So it’s their tough luck then? (in reference to those Nigerians who are unable to afford the school fees).
President Buhari: Shrugs his shoulders.

Watch the interview here

The Nigerian Herald quotes,

“Many Nigerians voted for President Buhari due to the ability of his campaign managers to dress him up as a man of very modest means who could relate to the pains of ordinary Nigerians. However it appears Buharinomics may not be as forgiving to those class of Nigerians as they would have liked”

Nigerians are failed again by the person they elected into power to protect them, create better policies and give them a better life. How can a President who does not even empathize with his people give them anything but hell? This shows utter disregard and detachment for Nigerians, our plight and our welfare. It is truly sad.

And the worst part of this is that we have about 3 – 7 years of this.

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