Applying for schools in Canada – Part 2

by Uche Onegeria 2 Mar , 2016  

If you did not read my Part 1 post on this topic, find it Here

So now you have your finances ready and you have chosen your intended program of study. Congratulations! Let us get you to school.

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STEP 4 – Which schools do I apply to?
You need to decide on about 2 to 3 (you could do 5) to submit your applications to. Why more than 1? Graduate (Masters) admissions can be very competitive. Some schools receive applications from candidates with 4.0 over 4.0 cumulative GP so it can be tough. Do not panic Рyou are only expanding your chances. There is always something for everyone. Also know each application could cost anywhere from $100 and above to make so choose your schools wisely.

Note: to find out if your school needs GRE or TOEFL, you can contact (call or email) the schools directly to know which schools need that. I contacted my school, & when I found they did not need any of those, I was sold. If you stay in Nigeria assuming that all Canadian (or US schools) take GRE or TOEFL, you will never get here. So, ask questions if you need clarifications. If they really need the GRE or TOEFL, it is just one more hurdle you will scale through to get here so, get working. I know I said that I did not take any of the exams because my program did not require it, however, I had to take TOEFL for my Permanent Residency application (Agaracha truly does come back).
If calling the schools, do not just call at anytime from Nigeria. There is about 7 or 8 hours time difference between Nigeria and Canada and various time zones within Canada as well. To check the time zone in our school, search Google for “time in Calgary, Canada now” before you call your school.

If you can contact someone that is or was in your program (especially a Nigerian), that would be awesome. By contacting, I do not mean to ask the person to do everything for you. You can ask them about the courses and their experience etc. Where will you find them? Search LinkedIn for the school by people. Or try Facebook as well.No one can make this application, only you. It is easy once you make up your mind on your school. Just go to the program application page and complete yours.

All the best.

(Expect another post; Applying for study permit also known as Student’s VISA)

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