APC (Aisha Buhari) Vs. PDP; Propaganda or Fact? Who is lying?

by Uche Onegeria 28 Mar , 2016  

Aisha M. Buhari
Nigerian First Lady, Aisha M. Buhari
Image from Aisha M. Buhari’s Twitter account

The Nigerian political party, PDP (I am seriously thinking of denouncing them and sending them to Ghana because they all act like idiots over there) accused the Central Bank of Nigeria of assisting the Nigerian First lady in forex trading.

CBN Spokesperson, Isaac Okoroafor while speaking with Vanguard said the claim is “not only ridiculous but laughable”. He went on to say this;

“With every sense of responsibility, it is important to state that the Central Bank does not sell forex to individuals nor companies. You are aware that we sell forex to banks which in turn sell to their customers. For anyone to say that the CBN sells forex to individuals or some companies is, indeed, very ridiculous and mischievous”

The original claim came from on Friday through the twitter handle, @pdpNigeria and alleged that Aisha Buhari and her unnamed company were involved in buying about $22 million from the CBN at the official rates to make profit at the black market.

Personally, have this to say “Who cares”. I will repeat my original opinion from Twitter here;

“PDP accusing APC (Aisha Buhari) on Forex fraud; A case of pot calling kettle Black..”

“PDP, APC, XYZ, Tinubu etc should all shut up! They’ve all been squabbling for their own Selfish and Personal interests since before I was born. They are not bringing this to light because they love Nigerians. They are just mudslinging Buhari’s Administration or do I say the opposing party, APC 

Aisha of course denied these claims and is threatening to bring fire and brimstone on anyone that repeats this accusation. Here is what she told the general public from her twitter handle;

Aisha, we know that if people like you want to loot the country’s funds, forex trading is just one of the many avenues for that. We also know that every Nigerian that occupies any position of power leaves a thousand times richer than they originally were.

It might not be forex, my dear but there are other ways. PDP is just fishing (Happy fishing PDP!).

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