10 Things about Nigerians that would Interest a Foreigner

by Uche Onegeria 29 Mar , 2016  

 I can start with,
“Africa is not a country. There are 54 countries in Africa, of which Nigeria is one”
That should be common knowledge to you but I will just put it up there, in a centralized and bold font; in case you missed Geography in High School or your teacher ignored that continent at the center of the globe and all its 54 countries. We know your intelligent mind can understand this fact. You cannot keep lumping countries together. No one lumps the United States with Canada, do they? Whew. I want to blame your thick skull but there is no skull thicker than the Africans’ according to my unresearched report.

Ok, here we go….  Find my list below;

1. A good number of us are truly hardworking (We are not all scammers!). We have a number of Nigerians on Forbes’ Richest People list like: Aliko Dangote (Male, $16.7 billion), Folorunsho Alakija (Female, $2.1 billion), Mike Adenuga (Male, $3.8 billion)

Folorunsho Alakija (worth $2.1 billion) and Aliko Dangote (worth $16.7 billion)
2. We are also very smart. If you forget the colour of our skin, and the accent, we are probably as smart as you are (if not smarter).
Dr. Victor Olalusi scored 5.0 Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) in the Faculty of Clinical Sciences, Russian National Research Medical University.

Emmanuel Ohuabunwa, became the first black man to make a GPA of 3.98 on a 4-point scale at John Hopkins University in the U.S. He was awarded a Scholarship for being the most outstanding student in Neuroscience major at Johns Hopkins University, scored in the top five percentile at his Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) examinations and was accepted into every medical school he applied to. He currently has a full ride scholarship for all four years from Yale Medical School.

Dr. Victor Olalusi (L) and Emmanuel Ohuabunwa (R)
Read about them in #2
3. We visit anyone without prior notification(we just show up like Flash). We can go for a party that we might not have been invited to, when we want (usually late) and with any guests of our choice.

4. Some of us have more cash flow than some foreigners will ever see in their lifetime, given that it is a credit-based society overseas. This is not a “shade”. In Nigeria, you either pay for it or you do not get it. So everyone strives to have cash flow. We are highly entrepreneurial. Read on and you will find more interesting facts.

Image from the web

5.Most International students have to pay all their tuition in cash, year after year (and this tuition is usually 2 or 3 times bigger than what non-international students pay). So remember this when you see an international student and think they are a hair’s breadth away from starvation.

6.Why do we want to receive education overseas? This is a good question for our past political leaders. Please, ask them whenever you see them. They have left us with a messy economy and weak infrastructure (including schools). Some of us can afford the best, but sadly not all the best is in our country.

7.Most of us are loud (I do not know why this is so. We just express ourselves 500%)

8. We have Televisions, Internet….in Nigeria
and probably watch more of your shows than we watch ours. If you want to tell me about the Grammy Awards, do not approach me explaining what a music award is (Yes! This happened to me. I have watched Beyonce gyrating on stage all my life from when I was in Nigeria)


9. Our living conditions vary. We have the High class, Middle class and Low class living conditions just like in other parts of the world.

Ibadan City in Oyo State, Nigeria
Image from the web

Lagos, Nigeria
Image from the web

Lagos, Nigeria
Image from the web

Lagos, Nigeria
Image from the web 

10. We come in different shades. We are referred to as the “Black race” but that does not mean that all of us are the colour of charcoal. Skin colour depends on the concentration of the melanin pigment in an individual.

Genevieve Nnaji and Caroline Danjuma are both Africans (Nigerians)
Africans come in different shades. Leave Beyonce alone. Some Africans are light-skinned

Richard Mofe Damijo, Nigerian Actor turned Politician
Image from Bella Naija


Munachi Abii
Image from the web


Oluchi Onweagba
Image from the web

Image from the web
Banky W, Nigerian Musician


  1. you are right and that is why Chimamanda Adiche once presented a speech on the danger of a single story, one can't just sit down and think of a country as backward when you know nothing enough about them, but at the same time onegeria where there are good people there are also bad and dangerous ones too, its everywhere both in abroad.

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