10 Reasons You’re Denied Any Visa

by Uche Onegeria 6 Mar , 2016  

Applying for Visas is very easy. I have helped many family and friends with their applications and also worked with them on their interviews as well. And guess what, you only need to readjust yourself to see  your application differently and you will get any Visa you want.

Yes! You will.

Here are some major reasons below:

  1. Inadequate or invalid reasons for your trip.
  2. Lack of funds, inadequate funds or lack of proof for any fund you claim you have.
  3. Lying on your application form either through omission or misplacement of facts.
  4. No clear direction in the details you put on your application form.
  5. Not enough reason on your application to indicate you will return back to the country.
  6. Lack of confidence in yourself during your interviews.
  7. Not giving straight-forward and simple answers to your interview questions.
  8. Giving answers that contradict with what you had on your application.
  9. Not having the proper documentations during your interview to back-up any claim you might have made on your application.
  10. You have “desperation” written all over you during your interview.
Let me summarize it for you;

If you are broke, have no financial assistance, no job or/and have no sensible reason to travel, you are not going anywhere. If you insist and apply, and your application is denied, do not go running screaming, “They rejected my application. Their application is soo hard. Their Visa is so hard to get”. No country wants a burden in their system.
No Mister or Madam, please check all the necessary boxes before you ask a country to let you in.
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