10 Reasons Canada is the Easiest Country to Migrate to Now

by Uche Onegeria 16 Mar , 2016  

A Permanent Resident (PR) of Canada has the same rights as a Canadian citizen except the rights to vote.
  1. Unlike the American Green card lottery, Canada has various categories for their Permanent Residency which can accommodate everyone.
  2. Canadian Permanent Residency application could be point-based. You can know your chances of success based on how high or low your points are. If accepted, you can track your application throughout its processing period till it is approved.
  3. It would take you ONLY 4 to 6 years after you are Permanent Resident to become a citizen.
  4. It is a country of immigrants. You will fit right in.
  5. It is very stable – economically and politically.
  6. Canadians are very hospitable. They have just welcomed more than 10,000 Syrian refugees. Why can’t you, with all your qualifications, put in a little bit of effort to complete your application and migrate as well?
  7. It is a very safe country. Crime rate is very low.
  8. Canadian tuition is one of the most affordable in the world.
  9. It has a great standard of living no matter how much you earn.
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