10 reasons we currently live in a World of Double Standards

by Uche Onegeria 27 Mar , 2016  

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  1. Some women decry Sexism at every turn but when it comes to some tasks, they cross their legs, relax and delegate them to men (Oh honey! So now, you are the weaker sex, huh?).
  2. Some African (Nigerian) men would wish that their women would never question their decisions but when they travel overseas, they want to be treated as equals with the white men (No honey! You are black and we think you are a monkey. How is your tree house?).
  3. A white female rapper is shamed for not being black enough but a male rapper…..(Eminem).
  4. Some men think that they reduce a lady’s worth after becoming intimate with them (Is sex not both ways? Who decides whose worth is reduced? Is “worth” a thing? Is it visible? *I am very confused*… Honey, that is your business. Some women walk away like, “Thanks for scratching my itch. Bye!”)
  5. Your husband provides for you but when the table is turned, you give him hell for being the breadwinner (You are truly a Superwoman Silly woman!).
  6. Some people expect to be treated like human beings but treat their nannies (Nigerian helpers) like animals (I mean Nigerian animals because most foreigners treat their animals like family).
  7. Some look down on poor people but there are people richer than them that they expect great treatment from.
  8. Some men cheat on their women and expect them to remain faithful to them (Good luck!).
  9. We ban prostitution and look down on sex workers as if they are aliens (But honey, who sleeps with them?)
  10. Some regard people with leaked sex tapes and nude pictures as outcasts but most of us do the same behind closed doors (But Honey, yours just have not hit the internet…………yet).
  11. They say it is beauty over brains but we all know dumb blondes are never ignored, broke or unmarried.
  12. Most men (I can speak for African men) would prefer male children over female children.
  13. Some parents still leave less of their fortune for their female children than their male children (Silly! I know! It beats me too. It does not matter that they love all of them equally).
  14. Some husbands think it is their right to go for an advanced degree (and it is) but for the wife, “How dare you have any degree more advanced that mine!” (Dear husband, how dare you think like an idiot!).
  15. .…(I was going to list only 10 but….more happened. I will leave you to take it from here. Comment if you have more)
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You fight sexism huh, be certain to carry that 50 kg box on your way out

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