Zimbabwean Pastor Buys His Wife…A Lamborghini

by Uche Onegeria 12 Feb , 2016  

So he bought his wife a Lamborghini!!

And his name is *drum roll*, Prophet Uebert Angel Mudzanire.
Pastor, I will just call you “Angel”. You can do better than your clichéic name (Angel)  though.
He is the founder of Spirit Embassy International Church (Sound familiar?. You also see the lack of originality again). He is a Finance graduate from Boston University as well (Maybe he was taught a lot about  money management and turnover). It seems like the Nigerian Pentecostal bug has bit Zimbabweans (Yes. he is not the only one). They usually own several pricey cars with price range in the 6-digits dollars and also own other establishments which includes several broadcasting stations.
Pastor Angel (what is he doing?). Image from African Millionaire
Pastor Angel and his beautiful wife. Image from African Millionaire
Pastor Angel was born in 1978 (37 years). His church was incorporated in 2007 in Manchester, United Kingdom where he grew up. He denies looting his church funds but claims to sponsor it instead (This will be a first). There are many claims that his true source of income is quite mysterious thus can be from none other than his church (Keep reading and I think his source of income is in plain sight). He is known for miracles and wonders, even predicting deaths and connecting to his congregation by divulging information that he would otherwise not know unless by divine intervention. It is alleged that he started having visions of angels, heaven and paradise at age 30 (Why so late, Pastor?).

Angel with Nelson Mandela
He has also been connected to various heads of state including Nelson Mandela and several billionaires and high profile personalities (Arrgghh.. Snag Obama soon please).
On closer observation, I do not want to be one of those that refuse to see the truth as there is more to this story as well. Angel is a smart business guru who also has an eye for real estate. He truly might be one of the few exceptional students who actually took their studies seriously (unlike you) because his personal accomplishments also validate his claim of not looting his church fund. He was a finance Lecturer, with 2 degrees from Salford University, Britain and also an Applied Philosophy degree from Wales in Cardiff (Na wa ooh!).
He is credited with establishing a financial system that provides services to cash-rich and time-poor individuals which he launched after he had set up several personal businesses for himself. This made his businesses to trade far beyond their original worth. Smart!

He is also the Donald Trump (or Richard Gere from Pretty Woman) of our generation who buys small businesses and sells them for a lump sum. He also smartly has most of his businesses registered in Hong Kong because it is a tax free region thus saving a lot of money he would have otherwise paid the government. Super Smart! (Hmm. I am on the fence here).

Do I go on? He is on the African bestseller list and also a decorated speaker (Did you read my post on being a great communicator? This guy checks all my boxes).

If you do not love him already, maybe this will help you. He also helps the poor – builds homes for them and does all those charity-love-nothings for them. (Ok! I am officially converted!).

Who says that someone that has visited heaven (spiritually ooh) severally, and obtained several biblical wisdom cannot apply those to mere worldly principles and become exceptionally rich? My verdict is that not all rich pastors are like some of our Nigerian pastors. Pastor Angel (with other names that I cannot pronounce) actually has an enviable resume. Ladies, I am sorry but he is also married with 4 kids.
See our Pastor golfing with his son :). Image from Nehanda Radio

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