What the Kardashians Taught me about Family

by Uche Onegeria 25 Feb , 2016  

Yay! We are talking about the Kardashians today. The most celebrated but hated family in the world. I mean most of their haters follow their every move online through every social media platform yet hate them. Some call them the Katrashians. So begs the question, why bother following them?

When I was younger, if you didn’t like someone, you never visited them. In the world of today, if you don’t like someone, you stalk and spy on them especially through social media. I’ll ask you to do one thing – put your strong feelings (be it love or hate or love-hate) about them aside for a second and hear me out.

I have been one of those people who have never seen the world in only black and white. I have a great blend of the liberal and conservative persona; applying common sense rather than going with the status quo.

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I was having a discussion with my sister last year and I told her something I learned from observing (or keeping up with) the Kardashians. That “something” is the reason for this post. One word; Family! The Kardashians have an enviable family tie with each other. Hate them all you want but if your family is not as close-knit as the Kardashians, then you need to learn 1 or 2 things from them about family. At least have a valid reason for your hate (or dislike). You cannot just hate them for existing. If you put your blinders away, and stopped looking down your nose at them, you will know there is more to learn about them than you know.

“The Kardashians have an enviable family tie with each other.”
Whether Bruce is a woman, or it seems Kylie is getting more popular than Kim, or Kris feels betrayed by Bruce being Caitlin, or Khloe goes to jail, or Kylie is dating as an under-aged teenager, or Kim has a sex tape, or Kylie got lip injections, or Khloe does not have kids of her own yet, or Kendall is a supermodel, or Kanye is a few points away from being crazy, or Kim was married for just 75 days or Rob is 200 pounds heavier (whew), they are always together. They support each other for who they are. They love more than they fight with each other which is surprising given how much money and fame is at stake in the family. Most families break up over less trivial things.
Caitlin (Formerly known as Bruce) and ex-wife, Kris

People call Kris Jenner “the evil Momager”. First of all, I have to give her credit for being at the center of this family. What is her crime? That she makes a great situation out of terrible ones? She negotiated Kim a great deal with Vivid Entertainment after her sex tape leaked and propelled her daughter in a positive light which launched her to fame. No business school will teach you this. Everyone deserves a mother like this in my opinion. What would you have preferred? That Kim cried herself to sleep, became depressed & then met a horrible end like many others who were not lucky to have the proper support to face life after such an experience?

The Kardashian sisters at Kim’s 2nd wedding
If you say Kim leaked her sex tape to become famous, do you know how silly that sounds? If you believe that, then that means that you believe Kim has a crystal ball or has superhuman powers to have foreseen that she would be famous. There are no guarantees that when you leak your sex tape, you become famous. If it were that easy, why don’t you do it? Why is everyone not doing it? Laurence Fishburne’s daughter leaked hers & no one knows about her. So many other celebrities and non-celebrities as well. If you argue that the stars aligned perfectly for Kim and everything worked in her favour, I’d go with that. Don’t just say she leaked it unless you were there and are certain of your claim. If you say they are famous for nothing. Girl, try being famous for nothing. That is a super special kinda skill.


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They promote each other. Like the marines, they never leave anyone behind. Each is successful in their own way. They turn up and support each other. I’m yet to see anyone of them absent when another has a show or any kind of gig. All their children are growing up together like siblings, and they keep up with exes, boyfriends, baby daddies and husbands. They cannot fake this.The camera is on them 24/7.

North and Penelope on vacation together.
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Everyone is good at something. If you are good at art, why can’t they be good at propelling themselves into the spotlight and becoming famous? Why do they have to feel guilty about it? So the media follows them like white on rice and designers want them? What would you do if you get this kind of money or attention thrown your way? Reject it or make the most out of it?
Remember, all fingers are not equal. If you hate them, hate them because it’s easy and fun to do so (I mean they are easy target – rich, beautiful, famous, what have you?) but if there is any truth to be said about them, say it. The world has hurled enough mud at them.
More pictures of the Kardashian family
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North West and Penelope – Kim and Kourteny’s daughters
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