What an Online Stranger Taught me about Business

by Uche Onegeria 21 Feb , 2016  

“…No business school in the world can teach me what I learned from my personal business experience”.

2 years ago, I was looking online for information regarding starting a business. I found many resources but a comment from a small business owner caught my attention and enthralled me till date.

He said something like:

 “I have dabbed into various businesses. I have sold from my home, in a store, and then online as well through Amazon and Alibaba. If I heard about a bulb that lasts forever, I would look for a manufacturer that I can purchase from and sell. Amazon and Alibaba made it easier for me, because I did not have to touch the product at all. The vendor handles everything and I get whatever money I make from it in my account.

I will not say I have not lost money nor made mistakes but no business school in the world can teach me what I learned from this experience”

Wow! This is profound, don’t you think? It’s lived in my head from when I read that and it teaches me everyday that we are our best teachers (if we are willing to open our minds). If you never try, you will never know. If you fail, then you will know what works and what doesn’t. They say failure enables you to reach your Success.

Most breakthroughs started with basic ideas. Our phones went from just being this huge chunk of metal that has a permanent resting place on a table in our homes to a form that easily fits into our pockets. From using horses to get from point A to B to flying in the airplanes. The human mind has no limits.
“…failure enables you to reach your Success”

Stop dreaming your dreams. Live them.

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