Use the Web Effectively; Learn how Google Search Works

by Uche Onegeria 26 Feb , 2016  

Asides their search engine, Google has many other programs as well Рthe Gmail, the Maps, Google chrome browser, a storage drive, Google Hangouts (which I use to make free calls anywhere in the US and Canada) and many others.

Google has been the bane of everyone’s internet experience (at least it has been mine). Google is that silent god that answers our prayers, every time, over and over again; without complaining and always delivering better that the previous time. Yes! We rely on Google more than we even know.

Would it not be awesome to understand how Google provides your search questions so you can work better online? Remember when I was transcribing Ben Carson’s 2013 National Breakfast speech word-for-word? Then I gave up and searched Google for the speech transcript then “Viola! It was there!”. Thank you Google. You saved me a ton of time and effort, increasing my productivity tremendously.

Find the videos below

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