University of Nigeria Nsukka Ranked Highest in Nigeria

by Uche Onegeria 16 Feb , 2016  

University of Nigeria Nsukka, UNN truly lived up to its name by making the list for the best university in Nigeria.
It also made the list of top 2000 universities in the world in the latest ranking released by Webometrics. Among the factors considered in this raking are universities’ web presence, web access, rich files, research articles etc.
Improved research efforts and financial reward system in the University as implemented by the new Vice-Chancellor were attributed to this improvement.

Does this mean that we are getting closer to an era when our graduates would obtain their Masters/Graduate degree from Nigerian universities instead of leaving the country? Or have international students migrate in drones to Nigerian Universities just like we are in various countries right now? (Pardon me! Now, that is wishful thinking).

Other universities should definitely borrow a leaf or two (several even) from UNN to replicate this result in theirs.

Read more at Vanguard Nigeria
Header image source UNN website

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