Nig Gov, Banks & CBN to Nigerians in Diaspora, “Get BVN or we Block your Bank Accounts!”

by Uche Onegeria 4 Feb , 2016  

How can the Central bank of Nigeria (CBN) expect Nigerian citizens to shoulder the cost of a project that they only heard about a couple of months ago? (Yes. My email search showed the 1st Bank Verification Number popularly known to Nigerians as BVN update was thereabouts). I understand that this project is supposed to bring God to Nigeria but nothing that has been promised by the BVN trumps the welfare of the masses who are not even home (in Nigeria) with their families and thus are without direct emotional, psychological and thanks to CBN, now financial support.

It costs nothing less than $1,400.00 (if you get an awesome deal) to $4,000.00 & more to travel back to Nigeria. The trip is always more than 1 day. The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) provided Nigerians in diaspora with locations to get this done. For me, 1 is in Houston, United States. In my country, Canada the nearest one is in Ottawa which is xx kms away & would cost from $450.00 to $800.00 to make the trip.

Someone might ask why I am complaining instead of doing as directed. Ask yourself if you can take off & travel the distance like explained above at the cost of $450.00 to $4,000.00. Can you go to another country to get BVN done if you weren’t in the country? There is a reason most Nigerians do not go back often. It is expensive & the trip is tedious.

Why am I complaining? I complain because I get pocket money from my family into my Nigerian bank. Then using Internet banking, I transfer money to friends who sell Canadian dollars to me in return, and then make ends meet.

With this action, Nigeria proves once again that they remain one of the few countries where the leaders’ actions contradict their call of duty. Their ambitions so enthusiastic they suffocate the poor masses with their poorly executed policies. How can securing my account or getting a frigging’ number overshadow the fact that all possibilities to make this trip would set me back financially? And that blocking my account is heartless and borderline bullying!!

What would have been great was if CBN or the various Nigerian banks polled us (Nigerians in Diaspora) to know what timeline would be most convenient for us then worked with that. That is what banks in other people-oriented economy would have done.

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  1. My dear, it is same thing here in the US. My SIL had to drive from SA to houston to do hers and it is by appointment o! She missed her date and called them. They said if she drops by, she might be lucky, and do hers. She took leave from work and When she came, she met rude staff there. The same lazy attitude they have in naija that they have there. Thankfully by the grace of God she did hers and drove back the same day. Even those that have appointment for that day, a lot of them couldn't do theirs. Thats what we see here.

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