Meet the Tanzanian Pastor whose Feet do not Touch the Ground

by Uche Onegeria 21 Feb , 2016  


Talk about literally living on the back of your church. This pastor (with a name I cannot be bothered with) stands on the bodies of members of his church until the sermon is over.

Where do these people come up with insane ideas such as this? It is almost like they vie for being the most stupid people out there or to just invent ideas more insane than the previous newest pastor’s on the block, and people swallow it all up.

Watch video here

I do not know who to blame – the pastor or his members who are gullible enough to think that there is even any higher purpose in this action except being more stupid that the pastor in the land of the stupid!

There should be a governing body that controls these churches. And one wonders why the foreign world misunderstands Africans. We are not all like this!

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