Everything you Need to Know about Applying for Visas and Interviews

by Uche Onegeria 27 Feb , 2016  

Case Study: United States (US) Visa
If you do not know how to apply for US Visa, see my post here about it.
Contrary to general/popular beliefs, embassies will grant you access into their country if you give them valid reasons. 
Look at these scenarios below:
You will not grant someone access into your own home if they do not meet your criteria nor pass scrutiny.You will not allow anyone into your home who initially said they were looking for your son then said they were looking for your daughter or wife.
You will not grant anyone access into your home if they are not confident nor they cannot even give you a straight answer about why they are visiting your home.

If you cannot do any of these things, then why will expect a country like the United States of America or any country at all to grant you access if your answers to their questions do not check out.

Sample of United states Visa – Image from Wikipedia

Things you need to know before you apply for your Visa

1. Do you have a valid reason to travel to this country?
I know we all think we do but you cannot think you can be granted entry into a country and suddenly want to change from being a visitor to a student. There are processes that are involved and proper documentations to be processed before this happens.
You cannot apply for a medical visa when you are not sick. You also cannot apply for vacation when it is really expensive and you cannot prove that you have the funds for it.

2. Do you have great finances (or sponsor)?
A sponsor is the person you will add in your US application forms that would cover all the expenses from your trip. You can use your own bank statement but if you do not have much in it, you cannot sponsor yourself because you need to prove with an account that you can take care of yourself through this trip and back.
If you have a sponsor (uncle or aunt or parent) and they do not have much in the account they give you, your application might not be approved. If you want to know if your sponsor’s account will be enough, look at how much your trip might cost, and then also look into the dependents under your sponsor. You cannot apply with N2 million and have 6 other siblings that supposedly depend on this same account or have an aunt with $4 million that has 4 other children depending on this same account.
If I were a Visa processing officer, I would not trust that your aunt would primarily take care of you specially when she has 4 other children (her priority would always be her children). Even if she truly does want to help you, if you get into an accident in the US that would maybe cost $500,000 to fix, I will not trust that your aunt can shoulder that financial burden.
This is why it is always better to use your direct relative as your sponsors – mother or father, or siblings.
3. Do you have proof of a great job, school or family ties that indicates you will return back to your home country (Nigeria)?
Make sure your application can prove beyond reasonable doubt that you are not just frustrated with the situation of things in the country and are desperately trying to run away. Prove to them that you have a many ties in Nigeria, and will be returning back.

4. Do you have where you will stay in the host country (US)?
If you are a student, this is a given – you will stay in or close to your school.
If you are visiting, and have relatives or friends that you would stay with, add them on your application.
If you have no one in your destination country, there are hotels and airbnb’s that you can stay at.

……always better to use your direct relative as your sponsors – mother or father, or siblings…..

After you apply for your Visa

    1. If your application involves an interview, you need to prepare for it.
    2. Show up on time.
    3. Remember to come with all your accompanying documents – bank statements, destination address, the details of your application.
    4. Answer your questions truthfully and confidently.

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All the best guys!!

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