Here is what the World Searched for in 2*** on Google?

by Uche Onegeria 23 Feb , 2016  

I was going through Blogger’s profile on Google+ here and saw what the world searched for in 2015. Other videos for what the world searched for in 2014 and before also exist. You can find them on YouTube if you are curious.

Would you not want to know? I do too so here it is.

Every day,  Google provides me with answers that I would otherwise not know. Google has helped me install Microsoft Office for Mac free. It has helped me fix many issues on my blog via the help of a blogger called Yoboy.

In writing a post about the disparity between the compensation packages of beauty queens and intelligent students (find post here), I needed a transcript for Ben Carson’s speech at the 2013 National Breakfast. I had initially started transcribing his speech from his YouTube video (Omg. You really do not want to do that – the “play and stop” game). Then it occurred to me to search for “Ben Carson National Breakfast speech transcript” on Google and like magic, it was already online at My work was already done for me by someone from the online community. Great resource.

Thank you, Google.

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