Apply for US Visa without an “Agent” in 3 Easy Steps

by Uche Onegeria 6 Feb , 2016  

What to know before you apply for your US Visa

Be certain you have these 3 things before you commence application if not, you will be denied your visa application, no matter which agent or lawyer that you use.

  • Money (Proof of funds): They need your money. If you do not have it, do not bother. It is not a strong enough relationship to them if your friend’s brother is your sponsor. They prefer DIRECT RELATIVES or yourself.
  • Family ties in the US or/and Nigeria (your home country): They need to make sure you have a place to stay or someone to hold liable if you disappear when you enter their country.
  • Enough reason to return back after your visit: Being a student or an employee with a strong company and salary also helps.


The Application Process
1. Go to 
This form is called the DS-160 application form. You should also have the electronic copy of your passport photograph while making this application as you will be asked to upload it. Once you start an application, it will expire after 30 days.
Fill in all sections as it applies to you. When you are certain that all your data is correct, SUBMIT (Once you submit this form, you cannot edit it anymore).
You should get an email from the consulate confirming the application with a pdf document attached which you are to bring with you to the embassy for your interview.

2. Then go to (For Nigerians)
This is the Nigerian US webpage. Completing this form will link your DS-160 form to the Nigerian consulate.

  • Go to the login section,
  • Enter the same email address you used in your DS-160 application
  • Select a new password (note this password)
  • You will be taken to the webpage where you will complete a few sections
3. Payment Section
  • You will choose the payment option most suitable to you. Most people go to GTBank to pay.
  • Once payment has been made, return back to the form to enter your receipt number.
  • Then select the appointment date most favourable to you.

You will also get an email alert with a pdf document once you complete this section.

I always advise people to choose “morning” appointments. I do not know why – maybe you get less cranky officers at that time :).
Getting ready for your interview
  • Dress smartly and be calm.
  • Do not appear desperate (Leave your prayers in your mind or back home).
  • Smile and exude confidence.
  • Only answer questions when asked
  • If you are denied a Visa, do not overreact or cry, just get up and go home then reapply again.
TO REAPPLY (If denied your US VISA application)
Go through the same process but when asked why you were denied Visa, be sincere but make sure that you have a counteraction for your denial. E.g. if you were denied because you did not have an invitation from the school you intend to attend, make sure that you state in that section that you now have the letter.
Tell me if this helps you. Thank you for reading and for saving yourself the stress and cost of handing this over to someone else. Take control of your life! Good luck!!

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  1. Sometime it takes lot of times on visa approval, having no knowledge of visa process make it more difficult. So I always encourage people who keep sharing their experience on visa process. Thanks for sharing your great opinion which relate to visa process.
    Best Regards, Ale Rossi
    Immigration Australia

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